Job Description:

We are always looking for people who want to work and want to work hard.  People who want to earn great money but understand with great money comes HARD work.  We are looking for multiple positions and will determine where we think you will fit best after your interview.


Experience: We do not require restaurant experience, we do require a positive attitude, motivated attitude, on time EVERYDAY attitude, an understanding that every customer is just as important as the last. If you do have experience in a restaurant that's great but we are very different and not your normal restaurant.  Come in with an open mind and willingness to learn.

Everyone that works here works hard, as a team.  We have 2 major goals to meet daily -Awesome BBQ- -Awesome Customer service-


Must be available Tue-Sat, mandatory. Avg hours 830 am - 530 pm (est.)

Must be able to lift heavy boxes

Must be detail oriented, especially when it comes to cleaning

Must be willing to listen and learn

Excuses do not fly here, we want hard work and dedication

Hourly pay plus fantastic tips!

Must be a team player, this is extremely important

No whining or complaining, it's a job you gotta work hard

Feel like you can do it?  Feel out the application!! CLICK HERE