Reheat Instructions


-Leave meat wrapped in foil, wrap or vacuum seal, the way it was received.

-Vacuum sealed and plastic wrap can be reheated up to 225*

-Put on baking sheet

-Reheat temp 225*


-Reheating on a grill, light only one side place meat on opposite side of fire


Turkey Breast – 30 minutes per lb.


Whole Brisket/Whole Pork butt/Beef Ribs – 20-30 minutes per lb. (no more than 3.5 hrs)


Ribs – 1-1.5 hours per whole rack


Chicken – 1-1.5 hours per whole chicken


Pulled Pork (not a whole butt) or Chopped Beef – Boil vacuum sealed bag 3-4 minutes per lb or in oven 225* for 20 min per lb


Sausage – 20 minutes per lb


Raw Cobbler – 325* uncovered for 45-60 minutes (till all is golden brown)

(All cold cobblers will be par cooked)

Reheated cooked Cobbler- 350* cover 15 minutes, uncovered 10-15 mins


Mac-n-cheese, Beans and green beans - 350* covered 20 minutes


Slicing brisket - Slice against the grain

(see photo below @

Rack of Pork or Beef ribs - Cut from the backside of the rack, easier to see the bones


Coleslaw (separated) Mix cabbage and spinach together, add sauce, toss to coat. Chill for 15 minutes min.


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