Family Vacation: Aug 23 - Sept 1st

November: Thanksgiving day, Fri and Sat

Dec - Undetermined at this time



Houston BBQ Fest: 

Woodlands BBQ Fest: 

Do you have indoor and outdoor seating? 

        Yes we have inside seating, covered patio seating and a large yard with seating, yard is plenty big for the kiddos to run around.  We have cornhole, a sandbox and footballs to play with.

Flying or Driving in? 

        We highly recommend being here early as to not be disappointed when you arrive mid afternoon and we are sold out.  We also recommend checking Instagram, Facebook, twitter to see if there are any updates.  We do our best to post as quick as possible but cannot guarantee you won't arrive as we sell out.  Remember we are closed Sun and Mon.

Instagram on the home page of our website is updated every 15 minutes.

Do you allow dogs?

        Yes we do, outdoors only, leashed and cleaned up after.  Service dogs are always welcome indoors.

Do you sale T-Shirts? Koozies? Gift Cards? Seasoning? Sauce? 

         Yes we do, please click on the link above "STORE"

What time do you typically sell out?  Wed-Sat avg time: 330-4 pm

        CorkScrew:  You read every where get there early they sell out by 2 everyday.  That is not the daily norm.  We do sell out early on Sat and have long lines on that day.  Tue and Wed we are usually open till 4-430pm, Thur-Fri ranges any where from 3-5p, Saturdays avg 3-4pm.  Now by later in the day we may be sold out of some items, so if you want something specific get here by no later then noon Tue-Fri and 10am Sat.  Unlike the trailer the line moves pretty fast, we have a very streamlined set up most people state that even in a long line they usually only wait 15-20 minutes.  We post daily on Instagram, Facebook and twitter when we do sell out.


What time does the line usually start forming on Saturdays?!?

        CorkScrew: Usually Tue-Thur around 10:15-10:30am and Fri/Sat 930-10am.  We have numbers set out for the first 26 daily.  If you get a number you must stay and wait.  If there are no more numbers start forming a line.

        Customer: People are serious about their BBQ!!


Can someone explain why they don't cook more food? Seems bizarre. 

        CorkScrew:  We cook to our restaurants capacity and the pitmasters mental capacity. We cook daily, always fresh, red Oak wood, no propane, no help.

        Customer:  It's not bizarre, it's awesome! And, when they sell out before you get there, it's just extra motivation to get your a** there earlier the next day!



Do you cater, if not do you make exceptions?

        CorkScrew:  We do not cater, we do however offer online ordering.  Holidays are very busy, cut off for holiday weeks and weekends are typically days ahead. Place your pre-order as soon as you can we do book up a lot of weeks. Email if you have any questions:


Do you take Credit cards? 

        CorkScrew: Yes we take all credit cards and cash, NO checks, cashier checks, etc....You must have ID for you Credit card


When are your hours going to be like a "REAL" restaurant?

        CorkScrew: We are a "REAL" restaurant according to Webster Dictionary

res·tau·rant noun: a place where you can buy and eat a meal

Our food is made from scratch daily, all of it including our BBQ sauce, Pulled Pork Sauce, Green Chile Ranch, Brines, rubs, etc.   We only use real cheddar cheese, real sour cream, real butter, real ingredients in all of our foods.  We use the absolute best meats you can get, Prime and all natural.  We strive to make sure our food meets and EXCEEDS your expectations.....Any restaurant can order frozen pre made food they pop in the oven or can reheat their BBQ from the day before and then be able to set exact times to be open and closed, we on the other hand cook to capacaity for that day, sell it all and then close insuring everyday you get the freshest food, no preservatives, never frozen and always delicious!  We are not about making a fancy restaurant with cushy seats and black tie waiters, we are all about AWESOME BBQ.  Quality over Quantity!           


Our Focus is on the Food and Customer Service, period.   


$28 a lb for brisket seems high?


First consider that we offer Prime Halal Non-GMO all natural Brisket  (have you priced Prime meats at the grocery store lately?) 


Second there are several grades of Prime, most at the store are at the bottom of the spectrum, our Prime Briskets are the HIGHEST quality of Prime you can get, not to mention the cows are free range, grass fed up to 6wks prior, never given hormones or antibiotics, they are humanely raised and humanely laid to rest


Third we trim our briskets so not to pass on all the extra fat to you, losing about 2-4 lbs per brisket, then cooking them we loose around 2-3 lbs.  You go from a 10 lb brisket to 5-6 lb brisket which can double the cost of it.  Meat in general is not cheap, especially once you get to the highest grade Prime. 


Cost comparison:

Tex-Mex restaurant (Pricing from 2 reputable Woodlands Restaurant)  $42-55 for 1lb of SKIRT STEAK, takes a day to marinate and 10 minutes to cook, no trimming and very little weight loss comes with rice, beans, lettuce, tortillas

Steakhouse: (Price from reputable Woodlands Steakhouse) Prime Ribeye - $58 @ 14 oz (not even 1 lb and the 14oz includes any fat) No trim, takes 5 minutes to cook topped with butter, comes with NOTHING.  Mac-n-cheese for 2 people $12.

CorkScrew BBQ $28 for 1lb of Farm Raised Prime all Natural Brisket, takes 15 minutes to trim and season, 1 day to rest in the seasoning and 18 hours to cook, total loss 4-5lbs per brisket comes with pickles, onions, jalapenos, sauce and bread.